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The Girls Making ScarfFlying the lanterns with JIC Japan and Cambodia at Tany VillageThe First day of School for FOCO's ChildrenChildren Reading English Book at the new LibraryWriting on the lantern, they put their wishes on itBeautiful girl in her English ClassThe girl watering the vegetable gardenFOCO children at the lunch of community students

Children Arts Gallery

The children have been learning the traditional Cambodian painting techniques for over a year and some of them are at the stage of developing their own distinctive style. We would like to be in a position to expose the children’s imaginations to different cultures, and broaden their artistic appreciation.  We welcome people to join us and share in the many different forms of art.

You can assist us in this endeavor by purchasing one of the paintings on display, or please feel free to visit the FOCO center in Mondul III on your next visit to the temples where there are many more paintings on display. This will encourage the children to study and work harder in developing their skills.

Unfortunately, we have had two storms in May 2015 and much of our art centre roof has collapsed.  We were lucky enough to save the childrens artwork, but extensive roofing repairs will need to be done before the onset of the monsoon season.