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Friends of the Orphan Children

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The Girls Making ScarfFlying the lanterns with JIC Japan and Cambodia at Tany VillageThe First day of School for FOCO's ChildrenChildren Reading English Book at the new LibraryWriting on the lantern, they put their wishes on itBeautiful girl in her English ClassThe girl watering the vegetable gardenFOCO children at the lunch of community students


Friends of the Orphan Children Organization (FOCO) was established as a local Non-Government Organization (NGO)
in 2012 by Mr. Em Ra and his volunteer staff, who wanted to give some of Cambodia’s poorest children a future not dependent on begging.  They have worked tirelessly with the help of local people and foreign donors to provide education to over 100 children, aged five to seventeen. Many of these children have lost one or both parents or come from families who cannot afford to send them to school. Many children in Cambodia are never given the opportunity to attend school. For those who are given this chance, they value it deeply. Our students are extremely dedicated to their studies and come to class every day without fail, ready and eager to learn. With the help of local and sometimes foreign volunteers, we teach classes in English and Khmer.



The Teachers also initiate class discussions on health issues such as nutrition, general hygiene and drug education. 

Moral education is also a big part of the children's development. We aim to instill self-respect and respect for others, which will enable them to become a successful part of the wider community. 


It is a struggle every month to pay for food and medication for the childrens home as well as supplying teaching materials.

Even so, we remain hopeful of one day expanding the school so we can provide free education to even more students. We depend entirely on donations to cover the monthly expenses of the school and childrens' home and to provide the students with pens, pencils, notebooks and study aids.


If you are uneasy giving money to begging children, this is one way you can help secure them a better future.