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The Girls Making ScarfFlying the lanterns with JIC Japan and Cambodia at Tany VillageThe First day of School for FOCO's ChildrenChildren Reading English Book at the new LibraryWriting on the lantern, they put their wishes on itBeautiful girl in her English ClassThe girl watering the vegetable gardenFOCO children at the lunch of community students

Fun day at waterfall!

1.     Sunday 19th August  2012 was a fun day on our trip to the waterfall! We had our volunteer from Canada come to spend the day with us, exploring the waterfalls and swimming in the creek!  Our trip started with a two-hour bus ride and then we finally made it. A quick stop at the temple and then off to play for the rest of the day.  Can you believe we left in the morning with 10kgs of rice and returned home with none!! We sure worked up an appetite from swimming!  Thanks to all our sponsors, we wouldn't be able to go on trips like this if it wasn't for you!