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The Girls Making ScarfFlying the lanterns with JIC Japan and Cambodia at Tany VillageThe First day of School for FOCO's ChildrenChildren Reading English Book at the new LibraryWriting on the lantern, they put their wishes on itBeautiful girl in her English ClassThe girl watering the vegetable gardenFOCO children at the lunch of community students

Partners and Sponsors



  Yulin and Tim Robins first visitied FOCO ealy in 2011 while on their way to see Angkor Wat temple. After spending considerabe time and developing a strong bond with some of the children they decided to financially support FOCO. They returned late the same year and pledged to continue to support FOCO by providing monthly donations. Yulin and Tim remain our biggest supporter.

Everybody at FOCO Wishes them and their children a Peaceful, Healthy life and Good Luck !





Mr. Brian Hommond

Mr. Brian Hammond from Australia. He and his family donated both their time and money to help build our Art room and to build a fence around the school.  They also funded and joined everyone at FOCO for a day trip to the Barai. All the children and staff were very happy.

We would like to thank them both for their wonderful kindness.


Nisha Kanbi, She is living in England, during the trip on holiday to Siem Reap in 2012 and trying to see the local lives of Cambodia around the temple area, then she found FOCO orphanage which she let her driver turn to the orphanage , where she’ve  seen  many children playing. After a long conversation with the people at the orphanage and she knew the condition of the children and she really wanted to help them.

When Nisha gone back home, then she donate some money to FOCO to support the children with food and education. Now she decide to make a monthly contribution to FOCO to support the poor and orphan children. Also she is one of our regional agent and if you come from England and wanted to support FOCO please contact her by this e-mail 

Our Partners


happy angkor wat tour

Happy Angkor Wat Tour, Mr. Hong Bunleat is the president, he get involved to help our FOCO by raising the fund to build toilet water tank and other supplies. If you plan to come and do the tours in Cambodia please contact him for the tours information.






We, KAREDO International promotes international exchange between Japanese children
and children of other countries by providing opportunities to connect through letter exchange and music exchange programme.

KAREDO Became FOCO Partner in 2013 druing the trip for the letter and culture exchange, also KAREDO had help raise the fund for FOCO.

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