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The Girls Making ScarfFlying the lanterns with JIC Japan and Cambodia at Tany VillageThe First day of School for FOCO's ChildrenChildren Reading English Book at the new LibraryWriting on the lantern, they put their wishes on itBeautiful girl in her English ClassThe girl watering the vegetable gardenFOCO children at the lunch of community students


FOCO really welcomes, appreciates and needs volunteers. Our volunteers come from all parts of the world, from varying age groups and bring with them different skills and experiences. Volunteers are the lifeblood of FOCO. Giving your time, skills and creativity can make an amazing difference. Volunteering is a two way process and each volunteer leaves us richer for the experience.





Our children learn to trust others and have confidence in themselves. As we have only been operating since 2010, volunteering at FOCO means you can quickly make a meaningful difference and reach out to our desperately poor children. 

We ask that you fill in our "Volunteering at FOCO" form and email it to us prior to arriving at the centre.  We adhere strictly to our "Child Protection Policy" and ask that you also adhere to this.

 If you are able to volunteer you will never forget this amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience helping us change children’s live's. Unlike other charities we do not expect you to commit to working with us for a minimum period of time or ask you to pay excessive amounts for the privilege of helping us. We do however, ask our volunteers to make a donation of $70 USD per week, which equates to the approximate cost of feeding all our 36 children for two days. The donations will be negotiable for those who want to volunteer for long periods of time, such as three or six months.

 Most volunteers spend their time with us teaching English, field work, being a carer and other things  However, being a volunteer at FOCO is not just about teaching. It is about being part of our family, to provide support and care to our children. Our volunteering program is available throughout the year on a full or part time basis.

 Volunteers usually find their experience truly rewarding and leave with many fond memories of our loving children. They often find it difficult to leave. Many try to extend their time with us wherever possible or come back year after year.